Integrator… really!?

Integrator… really!?

For sure the popular title of our business. To be honest, not all projects are real integration. Can we do it? Yeah! We’ve done it before and we have ongoing projects with integrations where we need to integrate access control, cctv, electronic locks (data on card), intercom, alarm system and asset tracking into one single platform. It is true that sometime (not all the time) the manufacturers have done the integrations with other systems already but it still has to be configured. The systems have to DO what you need them to do. It is not that easy… 

I agree with what he says. Therefore, the clients aren’t ready to pay for us to analyse their business process:

 « …have a thorough understanding of an organizations security program. A real security integrator should be able to evaluate an organization’s emergency practices, personnel security, physical security and information security and then provide solutions that unite the various parts into a single collaborative program. This includes the ability to converge disparate systems, processes and procedures so that they work together to reduce risk, automate process and improve efficiency, with the ultimate goal of protecting lives, protecting property and maintaining continuity of the organization. One common example is the integration of personnel identity management systems. »

Therefore, it’s exactly the kind of business I think most of the « so-called integrators » are looking for. It is not easy to sell or make the client understand the benefit of having a complete survey. Even more, I think that by doing a complete survey of their process, they could save real money. In our economical context of 2014, we have to think this way.




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